We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

October Afternoon and the best boss on earth!

It's all my sister's fault!  She decided she wanted to try this company out.  Well for the last 42 years if she does it, I am doing it too!  It's how we roll  :)
This collection is called Homemaker.  So cute I can not even stand it!
We got the 8 x 8 paper pad and the stamps.  I used six of the 12 stamps in this set!  I embossed and paper pieced everything on here.  I normally don't spend hours on a card but I did this time.  This is a thank you card for my boss who I LOVE.  That's not rear-end kissing either.  I really love her and she knows it!  We are going out of business after 14 years.  I've been with her for 8 years and it has honestly been the best job I have ever been lucky enough to have!  If you want some SCREAMIN' deals head on over to The Cropping Corner EVERYTHING is on sale!  If you find something we missed please let us know and we will get it on sale ASAP!  :) 
Here is a close up of the card.  My boss gives me stuff every time I show up practically.  She is the most generous person I have ever met.  She is my go to person.  She may or may not have know I was pregnant with Carlee before my husband!  It's not my fault he didn't answer!  I may or may not have shouted it at her.  You know because it was all her fault my Mom just passed away and now I was pregnant!  LOL  She took it like a champ!  She settled me down and totally covered me for all my Dr's appointments,  fed me root beer floats, let me cry all over her when my mean doctor yelled at me for losing weight one week even  LOL
She is the greatest person on earth and I am one of the luckiest people on earth to have crossed paths with her.  She is in for a shock though.  Now instead of just calling her for this or that and work stuff I'll have to call about what color I'm painting my nails, what new project I should work on like cleaning the fridge or the baby's room  LMAO!  
I'll miss every single thing about the Cropping Corner, but mostly just Pat.  She will be awful busy having lunch with me every day and coffee every morning!  LOL


NoraAnne said...

Oh, this is SO stinkin' cute :) and I'm such a sap that your post has me sitting here feeling all ready to cry!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

LOVE this card, Noelle! I ditch my housework for stamping quite often! LOL! Your boss will love this. So sorry to hear she is going out of business. I hope it is for great reasons and not because of this crappy economy.
Hugs to you and your boss! Off to check out the store! :)

mom2fivekiddos said...

I Love this card! It is really cool! SOOOO nice of you to make a card that took that long for your boss! She must be REALLY special!
I am a new follower, Momo sent me!
If you get a chance, please, check out my blog

Patricia said...

Wow! What a pretty card! Your boss, who sounds like a very special person, btw, will love it!

Sandy O said...

I loved reading your post. You have a nice sence of humor and are blessed to have such a wonderful friend. OH...and your card came out nicely too.

Jan Garber said...

I searched Cropping Corner for this stamp set and couldn't find it!(Of course, I DO admit to being somewhat "search challenged"! Your card is so adorable! I can think of many applications for that image, and if there's more in the set, I wanna see! Love reading your blog!

Beate said...

Adorable card!
Hugs and smiles

McCine said...

My last boss' wife and I are really close friends. She even made my wedding cupcake tower and my son's birthday Bowser Jr. tower (seriously, sculpted it for me!) and only wanted me to buy the supplies to make it! I LOVE meeting people like that as I'm the same exact way! :-) Thanks for sharing, Noelle -- wish Cropping Corner weren't closing so soon so I could stop in and meet ya when we drive to DH's hometown in NE... maybe we'll have to make a coffee appt! LOL (P.S. tell Pat I'm all over her site right now due to yer enabling! LOL 252 items in cart and counting.... aghh!) -hugs-