We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The cataloging of the stamps cont. LOL

Edited to add: I have been telling you all the wrong name of these containers they are the 'thin' [there are lots of widths] STUFtainers!  I am so sorry for any confusion.  Google Thin Stuftainers by Stampendous and a ton of stores that carry them will pop up!

First the FUN part of it.  Remember this:
Unity on the FLOOR???  In a SHOE BOX?  GASP!  That's just not right. 
No longer!  Not at my house!  :)  The Thintainers by Stampendous arrived and I ADORE them.  They are the perfect ippity/Unity solution for me!  :) 
All of those sets fit in this small of a place!Sorry about that glare, it couldn't be helped.  I put the scissors there so you could see it's only like maybe 4 inches high.  LOTS of stamps can fit in these fantastic containers!
Here they are spread out.  I know!  It pains me too, I hate cutting the darling packaging but I have to.  I attach them on the inside with removable glue dots ['cause I change my mind all. the. time.]  LOL  The KOTM, you can see that on the bottom, I put the whole sheet that comes with it inside!  When I got the naked sets.  I was printing all the pictures from the website and it works great!  The retired sets from 2008 didn't come with the printouts and I almost lost my mind LOL  I was emailing and bugging poor Andrea for the print outs!  But them lucky for me I had the brilliant idea of printing the example picture from the site!  You save a ton of money when Angela puts them on sale and sells them without packaging!
Now tell me, wouldn't you love to sit in my chair and scrap every night!  I get inspired just looking at the organization  LOL  My next plan is to number the containers and stamp every single stamp into a catalog like below!  That will have to wait!  I can't have 2 enormous projects at once.  LOL 

OK, here is what I have done so far!  It doesn't look like much, but it is quite the stack and I am LOVING it!  I know I will use all my stamps so much more once I am done!
I spread them out a little so you can see.
All of these have been finished.  They are in alphabetical order by brand then stamp set name.  I'll make little dividers with the brand on them soon.  I think I will be able to fit all of my stamps in one 3 drawer container on wheels!  How great will that be?  I am so excited!  It will take me a year and my fingernails are permanently black  LOL
Here is a close up.  Under each stamp I wrote the brand then the stamp name.  Stampabilities and Stampendous are very long names LOL
I wrote the categories so far in alphabetical order so I can just glance at it and see where each stamp should go.  So far I have had issues with a chandelier.  We decided house would be a fine category LOL  Umm, a phone I decided Things and Kim suggested Objects.  I like both.  I don't have to totally make up my mind until they are in the page protector and I make a tab divider.  Owls and Birds have to be separated.  I collect those and they will need their own spot!  Food is seeming to vague so I might make a drink page too.  I haven't decided.  Please feel free to throw out any suggestions you have.  Oh and bugs include snails.  LOL  Are snails a bug?  They are at my house LOL
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Kim said...

It looks great! great job! I LOVE to organize (people think i'm a crazy person! LOL) and I also like seeing how others organize there SB supplies. I'm so glad to see your posts! I find when things are organized It's easier to be creative..can't wait to see what you have in store!

A New follower,

btw I was sent by Momo!

Ashley said...

What a great way to store stamps! I am happy to be your newest follower! Momo sent me! TFS!


katieo said...

WOW You have a ton of stamps. I'll have to keep this in mind. MOMO sent me

Alannah said...

This is great!!! I wish I had all of your stamps!!! Momo sent me!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

You go, girl! Looks awesome!!! Where do you buy the thin scraponizers. I have the bigger ones that I bought from Unity years ago, but I really like those thin ones. You must tell me!

Anonymous said...

Great organizational ideas! Momo sent me and I'm now following.

NoraAnne said...

THANK YOU for posting this :) :) :) Yay, and I bet you are relieved to get me off of your back! LOL!
and now here you go inspiring me again! I think I am going to go home and start stamping away, making myself a little catalog. It'll be the first time a lot of my stamps will see ink ;) and I'm with Emily, I want to know where you got the thin scraponizers. I'm not a real fan of the bigger ones. I have a few but I'm not too crazy about them. I like the skinny ones though.

Rachel said...

I love to organize too! Sometimes I spend more time organizing my supplies than using them, lol.

Momo sent me=)

Unknown said...

Wow I wish I was that organized!!!!
You sure have lots of stamps lol
I was sent by MOMO if you would like to visit me
I will now follow your blog

Sandy O said...

Fantastic job. I also have my stamps numbered and catalogs this way. It is so much easier to find just the right stamp this way.

I loved reading you post, you have a wonderful sence on humor :o) I found you through Momo and and very glad I did!

Unknown said...

Very cool!

Momo sent me:)

Kristie W. said...

Hi! Momo sent me!

It may be a good thing she did too...I could use help in organizing and using my stamps too LOL!


My Creative Therapy said...

Hi...Momo sent me! OMG I can related to the stamp addiction/chaos! LOL!!! Nice to know I'm not alone :) I'm going to follow your blog for the adventures of organization! LOL


Patricia said...

Ok..where the heck did you get those thintainers?!! They are freakin' awesome!! I love your organizing!! I am so going to do this but I want those thintainers first! Oh, I am getting so excited to get my stamps organized!!

Patricia said...

I was just thinking about your categories and I would have large categories and break them down in into smaller ones. Example: Animals would be broken down to pets, woodland creatures, BIRDS, OWLS, butterflies, bugs...etc. Household items broken down to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, kids room ect. That way you can look at the BIG picture and narrow your search from that list. That's what I would do!!