We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Great Color Sort of 2009 [for Mors]

This is really old but I am trying to convince my pal NoraAnne to sort her loot by color LOL
Like I said on the phone Morgan did most of it and she loved it!
I got to ditch all these containers!  No more rootin' through all that stuff to find a red thing LOL
There were little cute containers of stuff EVERYWHERE!  LOL
That box lid to the far left is what I just dumped stuff into as I pulled it out.  Morgan sorted it all into the jars.
See how close they are to where I sit?  Now I dump the jar into the lid and have everything right there.  I hardly have to get up but no more rootin' around in all those containers, drawers and baskets!  It's WAY better!  Here it is today:

Excuse the mess, I can't create neatly.  I just can't LOL  The jars seem to be growing weird huh??  But they work just as well!  I'm still using the same box lid too!

Just do it LOL!  Luke will have fun and you will use your loot!:)  Win win!!
Up next the great stamp catalog project of 2011!  LOL

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NoraAnne said...

This is great Noelle! Thanks so much for sharing it with me :) I love how everything is so close to you and easily accessible. and saves A LOT of room and more importantly, a lot of digging and searching (which I spend WAY too much time on!)
You've definitely convinced me on this! You twisted my arm, it didn't take much! LOL! The other girl I saw online sorted EVERYTHING by color, including stickers, ribbon, journaling spots, flowers, borders, etc. etc. etc. etc. That really overwhelmed me since so many packages of things I have include many different colors. So I love the idea but it hurt my unorganized brain to think about it!
But, just doing this type of stuff, buttons, brads, eyelets, etc. I think I can handle. Start small and go from there! Maybe eventually I will tackle everything else, I'm just not sure where to begin on that. Here is a link to the one I was telling you about where she does EVERYTHING by color. I have the same shelves so this could work for me if I could figure out WHERE to begin!