We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How are you today??
Thank you for hopping with us today!!
I hope you arrived from Natalie's Blog!  It is nearly embarrassing to follow her!  :)
I can hardly wait to get home so I can do the hop myself!!
$1.44 shipping!!  Don't you just love that?  Shopping in your pajamas and next to nothing shipping... My fave way to shop!! 
I have a BIG LOVE for Phyllis Harris.  I think I own every stamp she has made.  Well guess what??  I went to go visit my Sister for a few nights.  While she wasn't making me sweat like a pack mule with hundreds of biting bugs getting our steps in, she was teaching me how to water color!!  I did 2 card faces with her and they are not finished yet, because well I needed to color more I could not be slowed down for details LOLOLOL  So, below is my 3rd attempt!!  Don't gasp and run away!!  :)  Seriously, it's not so bad right??  :)  You get some water color pencils.  Carla the world's BEST Sister gave me her SU! set.  I think she said they are 10 years old!  They still work GREAT!  You scribble them on lightly, grab a cup of water and a paint brush and get to water coloring!!  It is total therapy!!  Do you have a Hobby Lobby?  Their water color pads are on sale this week!  I got 2!  One 90 lb for printing on like below and one 140 lb for heat embossing on.  I have not tried that yet but I will and I will let you know!  I got 10 paint brushes for like $5??  I know everything was under $15!! SCORE!!!  I also got mineral spirits or something for colored pencils on regular card stock!!
Back to Phyllis Harris and her stamps.  My love kicked up a notch to HUGE LOVE!! I used The Unknown Path.
I need a new Wink of Stella pen.  I gave it  little squeeze because no glitter was coming out to bling up the surfboard.  Good gravy a puddle about 2 inches long came pouring out.  Don't squeeze your Wink's my friends!!  So it is MUCH more shimmery then I had planned but I can't complain!  Bring on the shimmer!  I love that stuff!!

I need to be reminded to breathe when I see that water mark.  I really don't mean to brag, I am just so in love with this entire gig I can't stop talking about it.  Not going to lie.  I blurted out to Carla HEY!  I am on the Unity DT, FYI!  LOL She loves it as much as I do.  No one in the world knows my love for Unity better than she who started this GINORMOUS LOVE!   
How are YOU celebrating the 4th?  I am watching my God Daughter and her darling twin.  Then when her parents bring their big Sister home from Wicked we will have a BBQ and eat until we an eat no more! 
10 brand new stamps for $6.00.  Do you ever wonder if our best girl Angela has slipped and whacked her head when she has these killer sales? 200 stamps up to 70% off??  Really??  YIPPEE!!!!  Never question a good thing, just run with it.  That is how I lead my life :)
OK, please do the whole hop and leave a comment along the way!  This week there are two winners and take a look at this prize!!
That heart stamped bag makes me smile HUGE!  Aren't you dying to know which Unity Peep stamped that?  I think I would keep my new water color pencils and paint brushes in it!  Along with the blender pens :)
Good Luck!!
Today I am hopping with these super talented girls!!
I warned you last time you would want to run away and stamp.  Did you?  :)
Next please hop over to Shermaine's blog!

Thank you so much for stopping by and all of your awesome comments.  If you have a question please email me noellereese@q.com I feel bad when your profile is private and I can't answer you!
Have a safe and fantastic 4th!!


Deborah345 said...

Leave breath and surf, sit in the sun, hear the waves and breath the ocean air, yes what else is there.

Becca Yahrling said...

Cute design. OK, so she put a little extra wax on her board; no big deal. lol

Ruby said...

Lovely card.

Brandi R said...

Fab card! Love that image and ooo la la that surf board! Love it ♥

krcmasterpiece said...

Girl-you crack me up! ha! Your skills are as good as any-don't sell yourself short! I love the wink of stella glittering away!

Gaylynn said...

Lovin' the cool beach scene. My wink pen did the same to me my first time using it. lol

Sweet April said...

Absolutely fabulous card,love the colors and the scene.

Scrapper Myra said...

Very nice card.

Unknown said...

Fabulous coloring! Love the new Phyllis Harris images! Very pretty card!

paperpapier said...

love the sentiment, remind us to live our life!

jennifer mitten said...

Love it, Noelle! See, you can color and it looks fantastic!

Denise Bryant said...

Beautiful beach scene! Love your pretty card!

Janis said...

What a super-fun post!!! Enjoyed reading it as I giggled at the misadventure with the WOS pen. The same thing happened to me *once*...lol.. I did finally learn (I think).
Anyway, I love the shimmery surf board. Looks great and so very summery!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Linda said...

You have been busy Your stuff is great!