We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Did y'all see this??

How cute is this??  It just showed right up on the home page!  It sort of felt like a big old welcome back hug when I opened Unity.  Then it just jumped right in my cart!
3 times as sweet! $4.44 seriously?
Now look at this:
$4.44 (USD)
$4.44 (USD)
$4.44 (USD)
$4.44 (USD)

Sub-Total:$8.88 (USD)
Shipping:$2.95 (USD)
Tax:$0.00 (USD)
4 reward points:($4.00) (USD)
Order Total:$7.83 (USD)

I do believe the last sale I said out loud or typed who orders under $10.00 worth of Unity/{ippity}?  I do!  SWOON!!!
Do you know if you pay with PayPal you get rewards somehow?  I do not understand it but every time I check out I get dollars off.  How great is that??
Do you know there are 21 stamps sets on sale for $4.44.  Who does that?  Unity does!  Best dang red rubber on the planet and an affordable price and the sweetest Peeps in the world make sure they land on your doorstep!  *swoon*
Happy 4th of July Peeps!!
GOD BLESS those that keep us safe.  MUAH!


Christine Pennington said...

great post!

angie/shuggy said...

you are SUCH an enabler!!!

febe said...

Lovely! :)

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NoraAnne said...

I can't believe I am seeing you with a cart under $10.00!!! That definitely MUST be a first!!!!

Julia Ionov said...

Great! LOL, hmm, thanks for sharing this one by the way. Very great!
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