We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Did y'all see this??

How cute is this??  It just showed right up on the home page!  It sort of felt like a big old welcome back hug when I opened Unity.  Then it just jumped right in my cart!
3 times as sweet! $4.44 seriously?
Now look at this:
$4.44 (USD)
$4.44 (USD)
$4.44 (USD)
$4.44 (USD)

Sub-Total:$8.88 (USD)
Shipping:$2.95 (USD)
Tax:$0.00 (USD)
4 reward points:($4.00) (USD)
Order Total:$7.83 (USD)

I do believe the last sale I said out loud or typed who orders under $10.00 worth of Unity/{ippity}?  I do!  SWOON!!!
Do you know if you pay with PayPal you get rewards somehow?  I do not understand it but every time I check out I get dollars off.  How great is that??
Do you know there are 21 stamps sets on sale for $4.44.  Who does that?  Unity does!  Best dang red rubber on the planet and an affordable price and the sweetest Peeps in the world make sure they land on your doorstep!  *swoon*
Happy 4th of July Peeps!!
GOD BLESS those that keep us safe.  MUAH!


Christine Pennington said...

great post!

angie/shuggy said...

you are SUCH an enabler!!!

febe said...

Lovely! :)

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NoraAnne said...

I can't believe I am seeing you with a cart under $10.00!!! That definitely MUST be a first!!!!

Olga Wright said...

Great! LOL, hmm, thanks for sharing this one by the way. Very great!
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