We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tacky Tape Flower #6 covered with Micro Beads and Glitter.

This is Flower #06 cut out in tacky tape. You will need DoodleBug Glitter and Art Accentz Micro Beads.
You need to peel off one side of the backing.
I dumped the beads on it and pushed them down with just my finger to be sure they were stuck on well.
Take it out and shake it off!

Then pour glitter over the top. Again, I pushed it down with my finger and then shook it off.

As you can see the entire flower is covered and it is SO sparkly!

I attached it to a Library Card pocket card and stamped a Scrappy Cat stamp on the insert.

A Quick and easy project!
Head on over to Creative Cuts and More and get yourself some! :-)
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cajunsis said...

Adorable! I will get to do this again, one day, right?