We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silly Old Bears!

This layout is pretty basic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this 11 1/2 Mini Scallop Circle. I'll be begging for more when I return to Creative Cuts and More! I'm not sure why the top stickers are white. Because they are not. They just refuse to show up on the picture. How weird is that? This layout is personal. Isn't that what scrapbooking is all about? When I moved here in 1982, it was awful. I was in 7th grade and all these mean girls wanted to beat me up. They 'chose' me, which meant I was to fist fight with them after school. Today I am 41 years old and have yet to hit anyone with my fists. LOL The reason the mean girls wanted to beat me up is because the second Jill and I met we became the very best of friends. She got off the bus at my stop to show me where my house was. LOL It was in Conifer and all those mountain roads looked the same to me. My parents had driven me to school so I had no clue where to get off the bus, but Jill knew. We listened to 45's and admired my amazing Smurf collection. ROTFLOL! Well she forgot to call her Mom and got grounded. So from then on I was the target of the mean girls.

OK, back to the layout. I always called Jill 'Silly'. Twenty-eight years later I still think of her as Silly. Which she is. Every time we get together we still laugh like crazy and have a great time. Now the whole Pooh thing....... We both were a tad obsessed. OK, maybe more than a tad. Our first babies had EVERY single Pooh thing available on the market. Today if we both had all the money we spent on our first babies nurseries we would be sipping drinks with fancy straws scrapbooking the days away while our children were in school instead of working like slaves everyday LOL

OK, so here it is, 2 of my favorite Silly Old Bears. :-)
Also, from the looks of things, she likes my second baby as much as the first! :-)
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope all of you have a "Silly" in your life!



Pinky said...

AWWW That is just so darn cute!

Sarah Lou said...

That is just so darling.

mustangkayla said...

Aren't those scalloped circles fantastic? I order them every time! lol...I really want to figure out how to get my hand on one of each color or a big stock pile of them! How cool would that be? Cute story and cute layout! I can't see what you do with the MME sketch!