We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


2 days a year I do absolutely nothing but scrap!  National Scrapbooking Day and World Card Making Day!
Such beautiful days!  My house has never crumbled from lack of cleaning.  My children have never starved to death due to lack of cooking.  Hello Chinese delivery!!
My husband does not even gasp when he comes home and I am still in last night's pajams LOL
The first thing I am doing tomorrow is this sketch:
Please head over to SCS and join us HERE.
Guess what the prize is?  $100.00 of Unity stamps [that will include {ippity} as well I am sure] and we get to be a guest designer for the Unity Blog in JULY!!  *SWOON*

I will be VERY busy scrapping tomorrow.  So like any smart chick would do I shopped TODAY!  LOL
The S.M.A.K kits are on sale!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my smak kits?  I did?, well I am going to do it again. LOL They are PERFECT for scrapping.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stamps.   So much it could be wrong but I will worry about that when I am questioned LOL
I'm pretty sure a few sets jumped right into my cart.  They always do.  *SNICKER*
OK Man, am I long winded or what??  Here is a Card for Friends with Flair!
This is a silly little card, to most.  I made it for one of my customers.  She doesn't scrap and she and her DH adore penguins because they mate for life isn't that sweet?

That Bazzil Bling is hard to write one so I put a white layer inside. 
Come join us!  I won 25 random stamps 2 weeks ago and I still have not found 10 of them!  The hunt is so stinkin' much fun!
The stamps are Jillibean Soup.  Hearty Barley and Christmas Eve Chowder!  Jillibean soup is to blame for today's order!!  Did you see the banner on Game Day Chili?  How did I ever miss that?  $5.00?  Seriously??  I LOVE THAT!!
Guess what else happens tomorrow??  SIX very LUCKY Unity lovers get to join the design team!
I for one will be stalking poor Unity all day long!  My feet will hit the floor running!  I have never ran down the styairs while brushing my teeth but I think I will tomottow!
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Friends With Flair!
Happy National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow!
Happy Shopping!


BloomingPink said...

You're so silly...And your card is so cute.

And stay in those pj's.

Oh, and I set my lil turtle free. He looked happy when he teetered off to the edge of the stream and hunkered into the mud.

It was a good day!

SO..have fun scrapping in your jammies! I look forward to your creations on the marrow.

Angie Blom said...

Well this is wonderful!! Can't wait to see all You do!! I will be doing laundry and playing along!

shuggy said...

holy cow this is cute!

Eva said...

Your penguin card is so very cute. Have lots of fun tomorrow - I am hoping to play along too...

Kary said...

Your penguin card is SO cute, Noelle!! Have fun this weekend!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Sounds like a super good time to me! Adorable passel of penguins!

jennifer mitten said...

Sounds like a fun day! I would love to be scrapping today too:-)

JPScraps said...

Cute card! Who said penguins are only for winter? :-)

Gwen said...

Love those penguins! Happy scrapbooking day!

Lindsey said...

Love that Jillibean set, and so nice to see it get some love not at Christmas! Sweet card.