We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have been a scrapping MANIAC!!

When I started my table was relatively clean. Almost everything was put away, See that tiny little stack of red to the left? I made those three things and then things didn't look so clean.
And I only had a 5 x 5 inch space to work in LOL
We are off to Arkansas in the morning to see my Peeps! I'll be gone about 10 days. All my blog posts are scheduled and now I need to pack! LOL
Happy Summer everyone! Throw some prayers my way please! Carlee does not travel well she prefers to scream all the way there and back and my sweet darling daughter Morgan has the patience of a gnat. I have a feeling there will be some Coors Light in my near future. Possibly a lot of it LOL


mustangkayla said...

Oh yikes....Maddy screamed until we switched carseats. She was MUCH better after that. As for the screaming...a traveler may be needed in order to make it to your destination! ;-) Yep....thats my suggestion! lol....My scrap space tends to get quite messy, but since DD has learned how to climb and get into EVERYTHING and keeps taking my scrapbook supplies to he room, I've learned to clean up as I go! haha!

Korky's Mom said...

Your scrap area is incredible! I love that you have your goodies out so you can see them.

Good luck with the trip!!!