We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

2021 Cat Lovers Hop

Welcome to the 2021 Cat Lovers Hop!
I hope you arrived from Her Peaceful Garden.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
My name is Noelle and I am lucky enough to be on the Unity Stamp Co Design Team!  We are giving away $25.00 gift cards to 4 lucky winners!
Today I have a cat junk journal for you and my story of rescuing a pregnant feral cat named Moogie!
Back in May I got to lay eyes on this darling girl while scrolling through FaceBook!
It was love at first sight for me!  My whole life I wanted to have a pregnant cat and keep her babies so they never had to feel the heart ache of being separated.  I think my husband thought I meant keep the Mama and A baby.   Ummm, nope, that isn't what I meant at all.  :)
I made a cat junk journal for this hop!  
Unity has so many cat stamps!  I kept pulling and pulling them from my stash!  LOL  They are having a CAT LOVERS SALE! I am pretty sure that is the best sale I have ever heard of!
This is Nine Lives it is stamped on paper from the Love Kitties paper pack!  The cover paper is from My Minds Eye MEOW pad!  All of the ribbon is from my stash, as well as the charms, stickers, cut outs, beads and buttons.

On April 2nd, Mama Moogs gave us 4 precious additions!
If you are interested in hundreds of pictures LOL  I made her a Facebook page when we got her.  You can see that here!

The cat heads are from the Love Kitties paper pack. 

All the pages are literally junk from around the house. Some are coffee dyed, and the ones with the pink tint are avocado dyed!  Who knew boiling avocado seeds made paper pink?!   These stamps are Quarantine Dream and Nancy Girl.

More Love Kitties and the brown paper is packing from Unity LOL


LOTS of nursing and napping!

Friends Family Graciousness is a Whit Kit!  I don't think it will be on sale.  On the right is Lean On Me

The tiny long legged kitten is from Trick or Treat Peeps
The cat with hearts is from Really ... Kitty
The cat tag is from I Ruff You
The coffee to go cat is from Kitty To Go

This is from Hugs & Kitties
Bella [had to be changed to Mr. Bella a few months later, oopsie!]

This is from Kitty Whimsy

Bella, Scootsy, Jinx & Remi
Pooey Love I just didn't ink the words on his head, well I did but then I wiped it off with a baby wipe.  One of the many reasons I love stamping.  If it isn't exactly how you want it, fix it :)  I couldn't see how pooey fit with my adorable kittens!

This is the back of the page, it shows through and because there are no words, it didn't matter a bit!  The right side is #cattitude 
Mama is still VERY shy, we replaced the bed with a table, no more washing sheets and we can get in her fort and love on her.  The bed she could easily get out of reach and we couldn't pet her. The kittens run all over the house, but Mama Moogs prefers her fort, the cat house or the window :)
And here is a recent picture!  They are as big as their sweet Mama!
Napping on top of the fort!  Everyone had their shots, got chipped in case they escape, and fixed so they can't have babies.  My husband would divorce me.  Six cats is too many in his opinion.  If Remi or Mama got pregnant or I caught the boys meeting neighborhood girls I would keep ALL their kittens, they are family right?  LOL
This is their big sister Pepper.  She still gets pretty grumpy and this is her "Is there a kitten under me face?!"  LOL  But sometimes I catch her kissing the kittens!  Pepper and Mama are not exactly ready for kissing yet. 

OK, back to the stamps!  I think they are all on sale except for Whit's Kit and I think you have to be a member to buy that.  I signed up the day she put it out and I have totally loved every single month!  You will too!
In my opinion, a junk journal is truly never done.  I will continue to add things as I go along and write in it and tuck printed pics of the babies in the tuck spots once I start using it.  Or not if I give it away.  There are no rules to junk journaling and that is why I love it so much!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Please be sure to leave a comment and hop along, there are lots of prizes and lots of places to hop to!  If you would like to join us, please start here, to learn about it.

I do proofread my posts.  But I have lots of kittens all over the place and they can really do a number on a laptop.  If there is a line of say the number 4 somewhere, they stood there and I missed it.  I once had to tilt my head to the left to read my sideways screen until I could find someone to help me fix it.  FYI, you just drag it, who knew?  And how can kittens drag when they don't have posable thumbs?  It's a real mystery! LOL



mandysea said...

Oh my goodness...this is one of my most favourite post so far on the hop! I love you have shown your kitties and told their story - they just stole my heart! Truly, I hear you, I'm the same! It took two years before my big feral cat to get up on my lap, and only if I was using the computer where my focus was elsewhere. It will take time, but she will come around! The kittens are just soooo adorable no way I could give them up either! I already have a foster-fail! And your junk journal! Bet that was so fun to make, fun to gather all the different materials and create each page with stamps! I absolutely love your post! Happy hopping from Cat Lovers Hop!

Leslie said...

Waving hi from the Cat Lovers Hop! Your junk journal is truly a work of art! Thanks so much for being a guestie over at Her Peaceful Garden! And I can't even begin to describe the warm and fuzzy feeling I had in my heart when I began reading your post! Love, love, love that you took in this pregnant feral and made a home - a super loving home - for her and her babies! We rescue cats and have ten inside and nine ferals/semi-ferals outside in our fenced back yard. And we love every single one of them! It'll take time for the ferals to come around but they will! Just keep loving them! Thanks so much for sharing your story (and your junk journal)! <3

Suzanne H said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post filled with real and stamped kitties!

Andrea Murdock said...

You are one of my fave people and this post shows why. You are such a good cat mom. Love love love your journal!

Ellibelle said...

So nice to read about all of your cats and kittens! Loving each one of them, had a peek at their FB page too :-) Just adorable! I can image there is never a boring moment at your house with all of these cuties running around!

And your journal is fabulous! Great details on each page!
Ellibelle's Corner

jennifer mitten said...

Noelle, I love your junk journal! What a great idea. I love ALL your Facebook posts about Pepper, Moogie, and the adorable babies. They are all so cute and irresistible!

Twórcze pasje Danki said...

Wow, sweet cats. I love your jurnal. Hi from the Cat Lovers Hop!

April said...

Hi from the Cat's Lovers blog hop! I love your journal. Great job! I am glad you showed us your sweet kitties too.

Bunny said...

I love looking at pictures. I'm saddened that most people don't keep photo albums anymore. It's such a fun thing for us to do as a family by pulling out the old albums and seeing the changes in our kids, and now their kids. Cats count as kids, right? I really love the face on the cat in picture number 1. It's so cute. This is my first year hopping and I am having fun. Thank you for being a sponsor for the Cat Lover's Hop and showing us your family. [Bunny]

Janis said...

Oh, Noelle....what a truly beautiful post in so many, many ways.
I am so touched at your tender heart to adopt this pregnant feral and give her and her sweet babies a forever home. I tried a couple of times to give kittens away when a feral mommy gave us a litter, but I hated doing it. After that, we just kept them all. We haven't had a litter born to us in 15 years...but have adopted an orphan litter or two since then. <3
I adore your Kitty Junk Journal. I read every word of your post and pored over each photograph. Your project is truly a work of art and a work of love! Unity has so many great cat stamps and you have showcased them beautifully. Love all the details on each page....and who knew avocado-dyed paper is pinkish??? That's so interesting! Loved seeing your kitties....sooooo cute. And tiny pink kitten toe beans???....My heart melted into a big puddle of love!! <3
Thank you so much for Guest Designing and sharing this phenomenal project with us, Noelle. I appreciate so much your participation in our 2021 Cat Lovers Hop. Many thanks to Unity for sponsoring us again with such generous prizes....and for the great Cat Lovers Sale, too!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Denise Bryant said...

Adorable pics of these darling kitties! Your journal looks fabulous!

NanaConnie said...

Simply delightful kitty journal, Noelle! Love your full story and big heart for felines.
Visiting again from the Cat Lovers Hop. :-D

Karenladd said...

What a heart warming story, and adorable photos of mama and kittens. We rescued a feral kitten who was living under our shed in the backyard when he was only about 8 weeks old, and he never did get comfortable with anyone besides me. All of our cats were rescues, and I only wish I had been able to take a lot of photos of them. However, they ran away whenever I pulled out my camera...so i guess they were camera shy!

Roxy T said...

I am so happy to read this story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Becca Yahrling said...

What a fur-tastic post full of beautiful kitties everywhere! And what a great project, too. I love hearing the kitties stories - always fun & full of cute antics.

Tee said...

Great post and lovely fur babies! Love Mr. Bella!

valscraftings said...

Oh my I just love your mamma cat and all her furrbabies!!!!!!
Val S - LeighSBDesigns DT

Carole J said...

I loved reading your post and the story of your rescue kitty and her babies. Beautiful photographs and beautiful kitties! Your junk journal is special too - so many lovely stamps and different types of paper. Fabulous work, Noelle! x

Fikreta said...

its so very beautiful!
you cazs are so cute!
Hello from Cat Lovers blog hop!

SHartl said...

I love this post with the photos of your cat journal and the story of mama kitty and babies. She looks so proud of her kittens, and my heart is smiling to know that they are all so loved.

Catnip and kitty whiskers said...

Your furbabies are beautiful! Your album is marvelous! Lots of pages to journal about your kitties! I like all the images and detail you put into your album!

Christi Conley said...

Oh you sound SOO much like me!! Even with the random lines of numbers LOL LOL Your whole post was a great read and all your furbaies are beautiful - thank you for taking in Moogie!! Your journal is lovely and I appreciate how much work you put into it - thank you so much - Hugs! Christi

ike said...

That is the most amazing Journal. How gorgeous. Thank you for rescuing the Mummy kitty and for keeping her little family together. :-)
Visiting you from the Cat Lovers' Hop.
IKE =^..^=

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