We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Welcome to our monthly hop Peeps!!
58% off.
I sometimes just sit here looking at the graphics with a giant smile on my face.
Maybe I am thinking about how much money I am about to save for my darling family :)

 Picture taking did not go well today.  
Cali looks like I am irritating her right?  LOL
I was trying to explain I needed some room so the envelope could show up in the picture.  
 I am pretty sure with the 20 times she jumped up there and head butted me while purring madly she said she did not care even a little bit.

This week we have a super fun challenge!!
I have a thing for Angie's girls.  They make me happy.  Confession:  I do not like faceless girls.  I never bought a single faceless girl stamp.  When my darling nephew would tell my Sister to hand him  pen so he could fix her card I would belly ache laugh.  I felt what he was after.  Pretty girls need pretty faces.
Then Angie Blom started making the Angie Girls and I thought who cares if they have a pretty face?  Everything else is so pretty I AM IN!  I think I own them all.  If I don't I will soon : )
I apologize this is crooked.  I really gave it my all.  You win some you lose some!  LOL  Cali knocked the card out so many times the edge is getting worn.
This is Nancy Girl.  She is my FAVORITE.  
I did the cats in Orange and Black to match the Unity kitties Cheeto and Steven.   Sadly they look too Halloween-y to match Nancy.  LOL  Did I mention you win some and you lose some?  LOL
OK, now I get to win!  I gave up on that crazy Cali and got in the plants.  However this tag is in Bazzil Bling as usual so excuse the glare LOL
You can get this stamp for FREE if you buy the amazing Never Easier Just Better kit!!
I made 2 more cards in kraft and red but that challenge ended today.  I also accidentally used next month's Kit of the Month.
What was that saying again?  LOL
Please hop with us!

Now I have to share my mess.  
It blows my mind what a mess I am.   
Two nights ago my desk was PERFECT!
To the right:
 To the left:
 Guess what I'll be doing tonight?  Cleaning up!  LOL
Thanks so much for hopping with us!  I have missed hopping!
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving all of us some love!