We LOVE Unity!!! Even more 9 years later!!

We LOVE Unity!!!  Even more 9 years later!!

Thursday, October 28, 2021

2021 Cat Lovers Hop

Welcome to the 2021 Cat Lovers Hop!
I hope you arrived from Her Peaceful Garden.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
My name is Noelle and I am lucky enough to be on the Unity Stamp Co Design Team!  We are giving away $25.00 gift cards to 4 lucky winners!
Today I have a cat junk journal for you and my story of rescuing a pregnant feral cat named Moogie!
Back in May I got to lay eyes on this darling girl while scrolling through FaceBook!
It was love at first sight for me!  My whole life I wanted to have a pregnant cat and keep her babies so they never had to feel the heart ache of being separated.  I think my husband thought I meant keep the Mama and A baby.   Ummm, nope, that isn't what I meant at all.  :)
I made a cat junk journal for this hop!  
Unity has so many cat stamps!  I kept pulling and pulling them from my stash!  LOL  They are having a CAT LOVERS SALE! I am pretty sure that is the best sale I have ever heard of!
This is Nine Lives it is stamped on paper from the Love Kitties paper pack!  The cover paper is from My Minds Eye MEOW pad!  All of the ribbon is from my stash, as well as the charms, stickers, cut outs, beads and buttons.

On April 2nd, Mama Moogs gave us 4 precious additions!
If you are interested in hundreds of pictures LOL  I made her a Facebook page when we got her.  You can see that here!

The cat heads are from the Love Kitties paper pack. 

All the pages are literally junk from around the house. Some are coffee dyed, and the ones with the pink tint are avocado dyed!  Who knew boiling avocado seeds made paper pink?!   These stamps are Quarantine Dream and Nancy Girl.

More Love Kitties and the brown paper is packing from Unity LOL


LOTS of nursing and napping!

Friends Family Graciousness is a Whit Kit!  I don't think it will be on sale.  On the right is Lean On Me

The tiny long legged kitten is from Trick or Treat Peeps
The cat with hearts is from Really ... Kitty
The cat tag is from I Ruff You
The coffee to go cat is from Kitty To Go

This is from Hugs & Kitties
Bella [had to be changed to Mr. Bella a few months later, oopsie!]

This is from Kitty Whimsy

Bella, Scootsy, Jinx & Remi
Pooey Love I just didn't ink the words on his head, well I did but then I wiped it off with a baby wipe.  One of the many reasons I love stamping.  If it isn't exactly how you want it, fix it :)  I couldn't see how pooey fit with my adorable kittens!

This is the back of the page, it shows through and because there are no words, it didn't matter a bit!  The right side is #cattitude 
Mama is still VERY shy, we replaced the bed with a table, no more washing sheets and we can get in her fort and love on her.  The bed she could easily get out of reach and we couldn't pet her. The kittens run all over the house, but Mama Moogs prefers her fort, the cat house or the window :)
And here is a recent picture!  They are as big as their sweet Mama!
Napping on top of the fort!  Everyone had their shots, got chipped in case they escape, and fixed so they can't have babies.  My husband would divorce me.  Six cats is too many in his opinion.  If Remi or Mama got pregnant or I caught the boys meeting neighborhood girls I would keep ALL their kittens, they are family right?  LOL
This is their big sister Pepper.  She still gets pretty grumpy and this is her "Is there a kitten under me face?!"  LOL  But sometimes I catch her kissing the kittens!  Pepper and Mama are not exactly ready for kissing yet. 

OK, back to the stamps!  I think they are all on sale except for Whit's Kit and I think you have to be a member to buy that.  I signed up the day she put it out and I have totally loved every single month!  You will too!
In my opinion, a junk journal is truly never done.  I will continue to add things as I go along and write in it and tuck printed pics of the babies in the tuck spots once I start using it.  Or not if I give it away.  There are no rules to junk journaling and that is why I love it so much!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Please be sure to leave a comment and hop along, there are lots of prizes and lots of places to hop to!  If you would like to join us, please start here, to learn about it.

I do proofread my posts.  But I have lots of kittens all over the place and they can really do a number on a laptop.  If there is a line of say the number 4 somewhere, they stood there and I missed it.  I once had to tilt my head to the left to read my sideways screen until I could find someone to help me fix it.  FYI, you just drag it, who knew?  And how can kittens drag when they don't have posable thumbs?  It's a real mystery! LOL


Thursday, October 25, 2018

We are hopping with Beth Duff Designs tonight!!!

Hello!  Thanks so much for hopping with us!!
I hope you have arrived from Maria's blog!
These stamps are so cute you won't want to miss any of them!  We are also doing another Instagram hop.  I put 2 more cards over there!

While making this card I knew the picture would
be bad.  I can't photograph shimmer to save my life and I still have ZERO plans to give it up.  LOL  The 'wallpaper' is gold foil on both sides of the couch I promise!  The 'pictures' and sentiment are both done in shimmering watercolors.  Truly beautiful in real life.  But to see it, you will clearly need to come on over LOL  This set is Warmth of Home and a must have for sure!!

Let your Hair Down is the name of this kit. She is so adorable on her own I didn't even add the sentiment.  
Now, it's time to hop on over to Robyn's blog!  Please be sure to leave comments along the way, there will be prizes.  

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Unity + Brutus Monroe = FANTASTIC!!!

Tonight's hop is AMAZING!!!!  We have teamed up with Brutus Monroe!  
How exciting is that?
I always feel so nervous mingling with celebrities!  I hope you arrived from Maria's Blog
This far into the hop I'll bet you have seen all the background stamps.
Aren't they the coolest?!!!

I LOVE Dance with Denim! It's on sale for $15.99!  It is huge! 4.25 x 5.5!!! I LOVE it so much!!  I need the rest STAT!
I used Dance with Denim to make the apron and one of my all time favorite Unity sets.  Kitchen Logic!
Look how cool Dance with Denim is in black. It made this kraft card super cool and no pattern paper! The Sentiment is from Drink and Cuss [on sale for $11.99] and the martini is from I Like it Dirty [on sale for $10.].  I have to admit I was disappointed with my Glimmer Mist splats.  This gold bottle is tiny and it made very tiny splats LOL  I had already waited over night for the Glossy Accents to dry so I just stuck with it LOL
I don't mean to brag but this card makes me swoon.  Dance with Denim on Pocket & Patches [on sale for $9.] is a match made in heaven isn't it?  I adore doilies and those flowers too.  And while I am bragging look at that sentiment! Cursive mixed with bold print!  Watching the embossing powder melt was awesome!  LOL It's from It's Your Day [on sale for $20.]!  Another oldie but a goodie!  I really love pulling out Unity I haven't used in a while!  
Next up in the hop is Robyn

We have FOUR amazing Unity filled prize packages WORTH $40. each to give away. Leave a comment on EACH hopper’s blog listed below for your chance to win. PLUS join us for our Instagram (@unitystampco) hop. Leave a comment on each of the hopper’s instagram posts for an EXTRA chance to win.
{Winners will be announced on the Unity Blog Tuesday, October 2nd.}

Thank you so much for hopping with us!  
We sure appreciate all of your kind comments!  

Thursday, July 26, 2018

How about a Winter/Christmas in July Hop!!

I was drug here against my will.  LOL
Leave me be in my summer bliss please.  Let's revisit this in September when I am sick of being hot LOL
I quickly joined in on the fun when I saw how darling all these stamps were.  
Special Winter Friends is adorable.  That beautiful ribbon is from Whitney's kit, which might be sold out but the ribbon is still available here.  
Days A Little Off is also adorable and Tierra may have made this just for me I feel this way often LOL
Always Had My Heart also has my heart.  Look at that bunny!  This is my favorite one!
Thanks so much for hopping with us!
Please be sure to leave comments along the way!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

We are having an extra fun hop with Graciellie Designs!!!

Hello Peeps!
Thank you so much for hopping with us!!
I have never seen a Graciellie Designs stamp I didn't love with all my heart! 
Coffee & Flowers
Isn't this stamp beautiful?  I love it and had fun coloring it.  My coloring skills still resemble that of a 5 year old LOL But I am NOT giving up.  I am going to color and color and color until I see improvement LOL
The banner dies are from SU!  I bought them from a demo because they had been discontinued so you will need to hunt a set down if you love them.  
Hey Friend 
This picture makes me LOL!!!  In real life looking at this card you can not see that I ran that background paper through an embossing folder at all.  I laughed and said well at least she can feel it LOL  Now that I am working with the picture here, it is clear as can be LOL It is a glare I guess. LOL  I stamped Happy Birthday on the inside for a birthday party my daughter is at right now!  No dies on this one, I hand cut everything. The embossing folder is called dot by Darice.  I love it because it is 5 x 7.  You just slap the paper right in there any old way and it goes all the way to the edge. 

Here is the full list of blogs.  Please visit them all and leave a comment, there will be prizes!

Thanks so much for hopping with us today!  We sure appreciate your sweet comments!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy Birthday Unity!!!

Hi Peeps!
Thanks so much for hopping with us today!
After being sick for 6 months I am finally well after 4 rounds of antibiotics.  I can't stop making cards and scrapbooking!! I am so excited.

This card was 'ruined'.  My kitten headbutted my liter size water bottle right as I was taking a drink and a huge splash landed right on it.  I grabbed a paper towel and pressed on it and a lot of the water color went to the paper towel.  I actually liked the muted look even better than the brighter look I had going LOL  Thanks Pepper, you naughty cat LOL
Blissful Birthday 
Obsessed With Floral
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this background stamp.  It is AMAZING.  I think I forgot how much I love background stamps.  I seem to be on an embossing folder kick and this has gotten me back in the background stamp mood!!

This brick wall embossing folder split open the black card.  I think I love it even better with the white showing through.  Happy accidents all over this blog post!  
Margaret Girl

This camera, Good gravy I love it so much!!
Hands down, it is my new all time fave stamp!

Please be sure to leave some love on each blog in the hop.  There will be two people picked for an awesome prize!  Also there will be a live release party going on!  Please be sure to join us there too!  Those girls will probably be giving stuff away.  Ang always celebrates Unity's birthday by spoiling us!  

Thanks so much for hopping with us today!
We sure appreciate it!