We LOVE Unity!!!

We LOVE Unity!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

We are mixing it up at Unity!!

Change is good, right Peeps!!
We are not going to hop every Thursday any more.  We are mixing it up!
Surprises are coming!
AND I have another photo bombing Beta 
I love fish almost as much as I love Unity.  We have 4 tanks with lots of fish and 3 Beta's in their own tanks.  I want to put them in the big tanks like other people do.  But I worry so much they will fight and I just can't have a fish fight.  NOT TODAY! LOL
 I am head over heels in love, OBSESSED with START AGAIN, this months Kit of the Month.  I have used so many stamps in this kit.  They all speak to me.  NONE will be left behind.  They emboss so beautifully.  Wait until you see tomorrow's post.  I embossed that butterfly heart in silver on black *GASP*  I am NOT tooting my own own.  I am simply stating if you emboss Unity stamps AMAZING things happen every single time.    That sentiment above is embossed on textured Bazzil and it is clear as can be.
Best. Month. EVER *heart*
 If I had to pick 5 things Unity does that I just go crazy for they would be:
sentiments that make me LMAO
You should know I can't just pick 5.
 Please hop with us and leave comments along the way.  We will have two winners this week!
 Something for Everyone!  I adore this sale! 
Are you a part of our UNITY {Show & Tell} page?
You should be.  Goodness the inspiration over there is AWESOME!!!
I also adore Beth's card!   The green, the banners, the bows, the stamps, ALL OF IT.  I love it all!!   Beth is our Growing In Unity Gal this week.  Go check out her amazing blog and leave her some love there are prizes over there too!!!
And I love Amy's card.  I could not decide between the two so I picked both.  I am a rebel like that with a huge passion for gorgeous Unity *heart*
Here is the list of who is hopping tonight!
Thank you so much for swinging by!!
Happy Hopping!!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The stamps in this release are AWESOME!!

Hi Peeps!!
Thanks so much for hoping with us today!  
This release is AMAZING!  The Unity artists out did themselves :)
 I went upstairs to take some pictures in the sunshine and my dog, Abby was up so no way was I putting the card where she could eat it while I took pics pf the other card.  LOL  As soon as I set the card down Carlee's new Beta, Rainbow swam right over to check it out.  I thought it made the cutest photo bomb ever.  Try to look at the stamps on my card instead of her pretty Rainbow fish LOL
 Lookin' Foxy by the amazing Lisa Arana
I squealed over this fox and the owl below.
An owl that wants a hug?  *SWOON*
Lisa also made this one Love You This Much!  Her owls ALWAYS make me swoon.
 This beautiful girl turned 43 yesterday! To celebrate she is giving us 60% off  So sweet!! 
 If you spend $15.00 you get this stamp free.  Angie Blom posted this on FaceBook this morning and when I saw it I said out loud THAT BETTER BE A STAMP IN MY LIFE!!  
 Please hop with us and leave comments along the way.  There will be two winners WHOOP WHOOP

It was so hard to not stay up all night and ditch work today to make a card with every set being released.   I am going to need them all.
I am hopping with these amazing girls today.

Thamks so much for stopping by today!